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Indian Air Force Group-Y Non technical exam Syllabus Model question paper

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A Comprehension

A small passage followed by questions.

1 . To Judge Comprehension        2. Drawing of Inferences        3. Use of Vocabulary


1 . Agreement of Subject with Verb      2. Patterns of Verb and their Use

3. Sequence of Tenses         4. Transformation of Sentences Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative, Affirmative


1 . Spellings     2 Word Formation     3 Antonyms and Synonyms           4. One Word Substitution

5. Correct Usage of Articles     6 Correct Usage of Prepositions       7 Correct Usage of Adj actives Degrees of Comparison       8 Correct Usage of Conj unctions    9. Correct Usage of Nouns and Pronouns

10. Correct Usage of Numbers (Singular Plural)     1 1 . Word Order       12. Correct Usage of Adverbs

Idioms and Phrases

1 . Use of Simple Idioms    2. Use of Common Proverbs

Direct/Indirect sentences; {Narration change

1 . Change of various types of sentences from Direct to Indirect form and vice ­versa

Active and Passive Voices

1 . Change of all types of sentences from Active to Passive form and



Reasoning (Verbal and Non-­Verbal)

Numerical Series

  1.  Distance and Direction Sense Test
  2.  Mathematical Operations (Assigning Value t0 Arithmetic Sign)
  3.  Number Ranking & Time Sequence Test i
  4. Assign Artificial Values to Mathematical Digit
  5.  inserting Correct Mathematical Sign
  6.  Human Relation
  7.  Coding and Decoding
  8.  Odd Man Out
  9. Mutual Relation Problem
  10. Tallest, Youngest Relation
  11.  Dictionary Words
  12. Analogy
  13. Non Verbal Reasoning.

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