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Sample Test Model paper for Indian Air force group-x recruitment exam

Directions (1–4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it :

Most of us use the products of science–railways, aero planes, electricity, wireless and thousands of others—without thinking how they came into existence. We take them for granted, as if we were entitled to them as a matter of right. And we are very proud of the fact that we live in an advanced age and are ourselves so very ‘advanced.’ Now, there is no doubt that our age is a very different one from previous ages and I think it is perfectly correct to say that it is far more advanced. But that is different thing from saying that we as individuals or groups are more advanced. It would be the height of absurdity to say that because an engine-driver can run an engine and Plato and Socrates could not, the engine-driver is more advanced than, or is superior to, Plato or Socrates. But it would be perfectly correct to say that the

engine itself is a more advanced method of locomotion than plato’s chariot was.

  1. Which one of the following statements is true 2

(a) An engine driver is cleverer than plato or socrates.

(b) Plato or Socrates is in no way inferior to the engine driver.

(c) Plato and Socrates surpassed the engine-driver in every respect.

(d) The engine driver cannot be compared to plato or socrates.

  1. According to the author, the present age is far more advanced than

(a) all the previous ages in some respects.     (b) the age of scorates and plato in some respects

(c) some of the previous ages in all respects    (d) all the previous ages in all respects.

  1. Many of us make use of machines

(a) with very little knowledge of their mechanism

(b) without any knowledge of their historical significance

(c) with full knowledge of their genesis      (d) without knowing how they were invented.

  1. People today are very proud because they live

(a) in a philosophically advanced age     (b) in a materially advanced age

(c) in a scientifically advanced age       (d) in a spiritually advanced age

Directions (5–6): Choose the word nearest in meaning to the given word :

  1. Conceive

(a) imagine  (b) admit   (c) prepare  (d) calculate

  1. Apolitical

(a) antipolitical  (b) terrorist   (c) not interest in politics (d) subversive

Directions (7-8) : * = r +r i. 7. Comic (7-8): Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word:

     7. Comic

 (a) emotional    (b) tragic    (c)   fearful    (d) painful

  1. N ucleus –

(a) body   (b) surface   (c) exterior  (d) mass

      9. Find the word which is spelt correctly.

(a) abbreviation (b) abbrevation (c) abbriveation (d) abreveation

Do as directed :

10. A …… of arrows.           (Fill in the blank with collective поит) 

  11.Circle is related to circumference as square is related to …….

(Fill in the blank with suitable word)

  12. Somebody stole my pen yesterday.

(Change into Passive voice)

      13. The police are inquiring …… the matter.  (Insert suitable Preposition)

    14. He said, “Bravo! you have done well”.   (Change into Indirect speech)

   15. He is too ill to go to the church today. |    (Remove ‘too”)

    16. He is as wise as solomon.                             (Change into comparative degree)

    17. Give masculine for the word—Vixen.

  1. Have you seen ……… one-rupee note 2               (Insert suitable article)
  2. The story of a man written by himself is called…………..(a) biography (b) autobiography (c) life history (d) history
  3. Give singular for the word—Lice.
  4. 19. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

                                                                                                        (Pick out Noun and state its kind)

–  Direction (21–25): Fill in the blank with suitable tvord :

     17. If you were the Prime Minister, УОu . . . . . . in Delhi.

             (a) will live (b) would live (c) would have lived (d) lived

     18.  He congratulated his friend…… the latter’s success.

                         (a) about (b) for (c) against (d) on .

     19. You will have to catch the morning flight, so you …… better get ready.

                (a) may (b) had (c) should (d) would .

  20. Though Bindu is poor, ……… she is honest.

                  (a) still (b) neverthless (c) but (d) yet

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