Air Force Group-X Model Test Paper English-1

Model test paper English for Indian Air Force Group-X exam

Model test paper English for Indian Air Force Group-X exam

Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Kai Kaoos was young and filled with pride at the thought of the great  and splendid kingdom that was under his rule, and would not listen to the advice of his wise councillors, but thought that his will should be set above  all the wisdom of the earth. Then, Evil spirits, who are always on the watch to ruin mortals, saw this, and laid a snare for him, one of them took upon himself the form of a singer, and came to the Shah as he sat in his garden among his nobles. Very sweetly the minstrel sang, so that-all the company
listened intently, and the songs that he sang were all about the beautiful city of Mazinderan. When the proud Shah heard these songs, he stood up and cried aloud, “I will go to the beautiful city and take it for my own.’
1. Why did Kai Kaoos feel proud ?

2. Why did he not listen to the advice of his wise councillors?

3. What was the snare the Evil spirits laid for him ?

4. What did the Shah say when he heard the songs?

Directions (5–6) : Pick out the correct synonyms for each of the following words-

(a) solicit (b) coarse (c) criticise (d) depict

(a) detailed (b) brief (c) lengthen (d) condense

Direction (7-8) : Pick out the correct Antonyms for each of the following words.

(a) sufficient (b) less (c) scarce (d) more

(a) large (b) scanty (c) plentiful (d) bounty

Directions (9-13) : Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the given choices.

9. He is than his sister.
(a) elder (b) older (c) oldest (d) eldest

10. She offered him an apology her conduct.
(a) for (b) to (c) with (d) from

11. He was vexed his failure.
(a) on (b) in (c) at (d) over

12. He had hardly reached there it began to rain.
(a) than (b) when (c) while (d) None of these

13. He to Delhi yesterday.
(a) had gone (b) went (c) has gone (d) did went

Do as directed-

14. Iron is useful metal. (Insert Article)

15. They themselves admitted their guilt.
(Pick out pronoun and state its kind)

16. City after city destroyed.
(Fill in the blank with suitable verb to be’)

17. He said (1) / that the college (2) / was closed (3) / since last Monday. (4)/
No error (5) (Pick out the error part of the given sentence)

18. Alice said, “How clever I am l” (Change into Indirect speech)

19. The authorities installed a petrol pump in the centre of the city for the
convenience of the people. (Change into Passive voice)

20. A state which is impartial to all religions. (Give one word)
21. Bee (Give masculine word)
22. Bullock (Give feminine word)
23. Hoof (Give plural form)
24. Dormice (Give singular form)
25. Pick out the wrongly spelt word.
(a) ceiling (b) marraige (c) obedience (d) aggregate

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