Army Clerk exam Model test paper English-6

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Many people unfortunately seem to think also that Government can payout money quite easily and in any quantity, and they forget, or else they do no know that the Government can only payout money that it has received in taxes– mone; that the tax payer has had to work for. But now the situation has become more complicated, that I should like to warn the public that many leaders have given this slogan that all the loans received by public would be given from the Government as a grant to the public.

  1. What do the people expect from the Government?

(a) easy money (b) tax free  (c) employment (d) easy job.


  1. From where does the Government receive its revenue?

(a) from taxes (b) from loan (c) from public grant (d) from world Bank


  1. Who started the slogan to exempt the loans?

(a) leaders  (b) Congress party

(c) Government of India  (d) Prime minister of India


Choose suitable preposition to fill in each blank:


  1. She was familiar  the area.

(a) for  (b) on  (c) with ‘(d) of


  1. Our class consists  forty boys.

(a) of  (b) to (c) with

(d) from


  1. Beware  pick pockets.

(a) for  (b) by  (c) of

(d) to


7 His parents are disgusted  him.

  • with  (b) to  (c) for  (d) by


  1. They were holding a party  celebrate their success.

(a) to  (b) for  (c) on  (d) at


  1. You may meet the principal  leave.

(a) to  ‘ (b) or  (c) for (d) in


Choose suitable article to fill in each blank:


I0. Yesterday I met..  European.

  • a  (b) an (c) the . ” (d) no article


  1. He is  heir to the throne.

(a) a  (b) an  (c) the (d) no article


  1. .  Ganga is a holy river.

(a) a  (b) an  (c) the   ‘( d) no article


Choose the wrongly spelt word.


  1. (a) Immeditely  (b) Neighbour (c) Governor (d) Separate


  1. (a) Receive  (b) Favourite (c) Programe ( d)Accommodate


Choose the correct synonyms:


  1. Assent

(a) agreement  (b) accepted (c) consent (d) idea


  1. Dear


(a) young (b) close  (c) due (d) costly


  1. Complex

(a) difficult  (b) easy  (c) complicated (d) colour


Choose a suitable word for each blank to make sentence most meaningful:


  1. The post ofa peon has fallen  in my office.

(a) empty  . (b) idle  (c) vacuum  (d) vacant


  1. I have got a new  in Kolkata to live in.

(a), office  (b) house.  (c) home (d) building


  1. In the function I sat  the chairperson.

(a) beside  (b) besides  (c) by (d) to


  1. She  the book on the table.

(a) lay  (b) laid (c) lie (d) lain


  1. Fact is often stranger than  .

(a) fiction  (b) dream  (c) fancy (d) imagination


Choose the wrong portion in the following:


  1. Always/ telll  the truth.

a  b  c


  1. The bell had rung! when I had reached!  the school.

a  b  c


  1. A man and a women / were sitting I opposite me.

a  b  c


Answer: 1.a, 2.a,3.a, 4.c, 5.a, 6.c, 7.a, 8.a, 9.c, 10.a, 11.b, 12.c, 13.a, 14.c, 15.c, 16.d, 17.c, 18.d, 19.b, 20.a, 21.b, 22.a, 23.b, 24.b, 25.a


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