Indian Army Clerk Exam Test Paper Section-B English

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 Read the passage carefully and give answers of the

It is interesting to imagine how the early man were afraid of angry and jealous
gods. They saw these imaginery gods even in rivers and in the clouds. Their idea of
God was not of a kind and good person but of a very irritable person who was
always losing his temper. And as they were afraidof danger, they were always trying
to bribe him by giving him smoething, chiefly food. Sometimesif a disaster came like
an earth quake, flood and a disease which killed large number of people they would
become frightend and thought that the gods were angry.


\. What type of gods early men were afraid of?

(a) gentle and noble                                        (b) angry nad jealous

(b) both a and b                                              (d none of these

How did people please the angry gods?

(a) by giving them food                                  (b) By sacrificing their child

(c) by giving wealth                                        (d) none of these

  1. How many sorts of disasters happened in those days?

(a) Two                     (b) Three                        (b) One                     (d) Five

Choose the suitable article to fill ill each blanks:

4.He bought. ………… ox.

(a) a                             (b) an                    (c) the        (d) no article


5 He is…………. boy who stood first in the class.


(a) a                    (b) an                              (c) the                         (d) no article


  1. I met him …………… year before.

(a) a                          (b) an                               (c) the          (d) no article


Choose the suitable prepossition to fill in each blank:


7.Mrs. Indira Gandhi died …………………… her country.

(a) to                         (b) for                            (c) of                         (d) by


8.Life according to Hinduism is divided …………….. four stages.

(a) in                         (b) into                           (c) for                       (d) to


9.The holy tree is associated ………… sense of good will and rejoicing.

(a) with                     (b) to                              (c) for                       (d) at


Choose the correct opposite of the word in capital letters :


(a) to request             (b) oppose                      (c) dispose                (d) close



(a) recreation             (b) entertainment            (c) joys                     (d) pains



(a) quality                 (b) character                   (c) vice                      (d) bad habit


Choose the correct synonyms:

  1. BLOT

(a) spoill“,                 (b) stain                         (c) black                    (d) batch



(a) command   (b) order  (c) question for a long time   (d) reply



(a) intention   (b) idea  (c) plan  (d) schema


Choose the wrongly spelt word:

  1. (a) Programe   (b)  Umbrella   (c)  Temperature   (d) Wrist


  1. (a) Fullfill   (b) Miscellaneous   (c) Library      (d) Council


Choose the wrong portion;


  1. Each one/  of our houses/    are to let

a                 b                        c

  1. Every soldier/    and sailor   were/   present there

a                              b                        c

  1. English is/    not a subject she is/   interested with

a                         b                               c


21 Have you/   finished /    to read the letter

a                   b                     c


  1. The floor /  hasn’t been washed/   since weeks.

a                     b                                c


Choose the correct from the verb to fill in each blank

  1. We shall not go out if it……………..

(a) rains                   (b) is raining                (c) has rained


24.IF he worked hard he wouldhave ……………… good marks.

(a) secure                (b) securing                  (c) secured


25.I havejust ……………… him.


(a) tell  (b) telling  (C) told   (d) tells


Answer Key:-


1.b, 2.a, 3.b, 4.b, 5.c, 6.a, 7.b, 8.b, 9.a, 10.c, 11.d, 12.c, 13.b, 14.c, 15.a, 16.a, 17.a, 18.c, 19.b, 20.c, 21.c, 22.c, 23.a, 24.c, 25.c

Note:- This is only Army clerk test paper you can say army clerk demo or model test paper for preparing exam.

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