How to prepare for interview of Indian Air Force Group Y

Tips How to prepare for Interview in Indian Air Force (Group Y)

Interview in Indian Air Force (Group Y)

In Indian Air Force a candidate who clears the written test conducted by Airman Selection Board. The board assesses the personality of the candidate and test his suitability for selection as an Airman.

By use3 of interview techniques the interviewing officer comes to a judgment about the candidates mental ability . He clears his doubt through this technique.

A board of experts will interview the candidate with an object to access his personal ability and suitability for the Service or Services he has applied for. The record of the career of the candidate or the questionnaire remains before the interviewing authority. The interviewer intended to judge the intellection quality of the candidate and assess his social traits as well as the level of his awareness of his surrounding. The I.Q level, mental alertness, power of analysis, assimilation, logical exposition, balance of judgment and moral integrity are some of the signification traits of the personality of the candidates that are assessed at the interview.

The technique of interview should not be taken as a very difficult cross-examination. It is just a conversation, a natural thought provoking and purposeful talk which intends to reveal the innate tendencies of the candidate. The personal interview dose not at all aim at testing the candidate’s knowledge in a particular subject or field or his general knowledge. .

Object s of Interview

1 Aptitude : Though interview the aptitude of a candidates is assessed. In different tests. In personal interview through re-questions the president or the vice president can assess his aptitude whether he can be a good soldier or not.

  1. Family background:- Neither in written test nor in other test at S.S.B questions on family background are asked. The family background and educational institute reflect the inner personality of the candidate and help the interviewing authority to judge whether the person can fit or notto the particular job.
  2. General awareness : General awareness about his surrounding is also assessed. It is not except that the candidate must be a moving encyclopedia but he should have the answer about the day to day happening etc.
  3. Personality : Personality means the characteristics and quality of a person taken as a whole, or the quality which make a person interesting and different from other. Personality is the most important aspect of a candidate which is observed, studied and analyzed by the interviewer.

The following are the characteristics of personality.

1 Physical appearance.

2 Meantal ability

3 Adjustment (Social adjustment)

4 Stamina

5 Self Confidence

6 Courage

Expected questions to be asked by the interviewer in Indian Navy

1 Meaning of your name

2 If your name conceded with the name of famous personality then you may be asked question about the particular person

3  Explain your two week point?

4 What are your two strong point?

5 What do you do in free time?

6 Question on your local village or area.

7 Question related to your journey to the interview area

8 Question on your academic record.

  1. The most impression events of your life
  2. The most exciting events of your life.
  3. The most depressing event of your life.

12 Happiest moment your life.

  1. Can you work on Computer.
  2. TV program you like most

15 Why do you think you are better then other.

  1. They greatest achievement of your life.
  2. Whether you held any responsibility in your collage/school?

18 which will you prefer, money or power?

19 Name the place of interest you visited

  1. Hobby.
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