Indian Army Clerk Exam Test Paper-B English-2

Now You are reading Part 2 of indian Army clerk exam sample model test paper for prepare exam

Read the following passage and answer the questions which follow it.

 All the performances of human art, at which we look with praise or wonder, are
instances of the resistless force of perseverance, it is by this that the quarry be-
comes a pyramid, and that distant countries are united by canals. If a man to
compare the effect of a single stroke of a pickaxe or of one impression of the spade,
with the general design and last result, he would be overwhelmed by the sense of
their disproportion; yet those petty operations, incessantly continued, in time
surmount the greatest difficulties and mountains are leveled, and oceans bounded,
by the splendor force of human beings.

model test paper Army Clerk

  1. What is the suitable title of this passage?

(a) human art                                               (b) human beings

(c) pyramid                                                   (d) force of human beings

2 We look at the performance of human art with:

(a) praise and wonder                                 (b) hate and wonder

(c) restless force                                           (d) none of these


  1. Man is overwhelmed by :
    (a) perseverance       (b) disproportion.  (c) encouragement  (d) hopelessness
  1. How are the distant courtiers united?

(a) by sea routes       (b) by canals            (c) by air routes (d) by roads

Choose the suitable article to fill in each blank:

5.. …………. Indian Express is also published from Delhi.

(a) a        (b) an     (c) the  (d) no article


6.. …………. Ganga is a holy river in India.

(a) a        (b) an     (c) the  (d) no article


7.. ………………… Everest is the highest peak of the Himalayas.

(a) a        (b) the    (c) an (d) no article


8.She is ……………… M.A. of the Delhi university.

(a) an     (b) a        (c) the (d) no article


Choose tile correct form 0/ verb to fill in each blank :

9.I could have ………. this mistake.

(a) notice (b) noticing          (c) noticed  (d) been noticing


10……………………………………………………… He fell down from the tree and   his leg.

(a) fracture            (b) fracturing        (c) fractured   (d) has fractured


  1. The rain ………… before we left the place.

(a) stopped            (b) has stopped           (c) had stopped (d) was stopping


12…………………………. Having   his work, he went to bed. ( complete)

(a) complete         (b) completed              (c) completing        (d) completely


Choose the correct meaning Of the idioms:

13.To enjoy the music means:
(a) To face the music       (b) to be very happy


(c) to suffer hardship   (d) to attend the music class.


  1. To hit below the belt.

(a) to argue fairly                                        (b) to argue unfairly

(c) to hit the stomach                               . (d) to hit one’s waist.


Choose the correct word to make the sentence meaningful:

15.His marriage was celebrated according to Hindu ………….. .

(a) rites                    (b) riots                                        ‘ ‘t

16.He was born … .rich parents.

(a) to    (b) of    (c) by   (d) none of these.


17.He was accused …… theft by the jury.

(a) for                (b) of                     (c) in  (d) to


Choose the correct spelt word:

  1. (a) Aesthetic        (b) Asthetic            (c) Aesthatic         (d) As,ethetic.


Choose the correct form of the word to fill in each blank :

19.To my …… he was innocent.

(a) believe         (b) belief, .        (c) believing  (d) believes


  1. I bow to you and take my ….. _ … ( depart).

(a) depart          ,           (b) departing   (c) departure         (d) departs



Choose the correct opposite of :

  1. Base

(a) foundation (b) strong support (c) noble  (d) useless


  1. Dwarf

(a) small  (b) little  (c) short  (d) giant


  1. Meek

(a) weak             (b) haughty            (c) naughty,        (d) clever


From the words ill brackets choose the one which best fits the siqlf/f:

  1. As cunning as a

(a) jackal           (b) fox                   (c) thief             (d) ‘bull

25.As gentle as a

. (a) dove            (b) fly                    (c) lamb .   (d) bee


Answer : 1 a, 2.a, 3.a, 4.b, 5.c, 6.c, 7.d, 8.a, 9.c, 10.c, 11.c, 12.b, 13.b, 14.b, 15.a, 16.b, 17.b, 18.a, 19.b, 20.c, 21.c, 22.d, 23.b, 24.b, 25.c


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