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    Electronic waste (e-waste) involves broken or obsolete electronics, as well as electrical appliances, while electronic waste recycling involves reuse or recycling of electronic devices.

    E-waste is considered one of the largest categories of waste which contains a lot of toxic substances. Therefore, electronic waste recycling centers come handy in disposing e-waste.
    it-remarketing help to find other uses of electronic materials and getting the system dismantled, in a way that allows for safe extraction of constituent material parts to be reused in other products.

    Many countries and states have introduced laws governing recycling and reuse of electronics. Some of the common recycling methods include:

    · Sale

    Online auctions offer an alternative for businesses and consumers looking for an opportunity to resell their used electronic. Online classified ads offer an ideal platform that links sellers to buyers.

    As a result, businesses looking for a cost-effective technique of recycling large amounts of electronics opt to sell most of their e-waste. They have the option of selling their electronics to online auctions in exchange for a small fee.

    · Donation

    Businesses and each consumer have the option of donating their electronics to charity. There are several charitable organizations that receive used and old electronics to give them to the needy, such as schools in the developing nations.

    · Take back

    Some of the major computer manufacturers provide take back options. Therefore, before purchasing a product it is important to find out from the vendor if they provide recycling services.

    Once your electronic has outlived its useful life, you can make arrangements for the manufacturer to come and pick it. Alternatively, you can mail your old electronic. The recycling option can be offered for a free or a small fee.

    · Exchange

    Some manufacturers offer the option for exchange. When you buy a new product from them they can take back your old electronic. Most of these companies buy and recycle all types of brands of e-waste from corporations and people, including broken and working notebook computers and laptops. Exchange programs for smaller electronics, such as Smartphones and laptops are popular.

    · Scrapping/recycling

    Interestingly, e-waste contains very precious metals that can be reused in other electronics, new or refurbished. For example, old computer are often dismantled and valuable components derived for use in other working computers.

    This has created employment opportunities for business survey professionals in the electronic industry because they are considered a cheaper option for replacement parts. Furthermore, valuable metals, such as copper, lead, gold, aluminum and palladium can be recovered from televisions, radios and computers to be sold as scrap.