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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Charlemagne had the gift of ready and fluent speech, and could express what- ever he had to say with utmost clearness. He was not satisfied with command of his native language merely, but gave attention to the study of foreign ones, and in particular was such a master of Latin that he could speak it as well as his native crerctf 3l:RITic iliff Nc  209 tongue; but he could understand Greek better than he could speak it. He was so eloquent indeed, that he might have passed for a teacher of eloquence.

  1. What gift did Charlemagne get? 

(a) knew many languages  (b) ready speech

(c) fluent speech  (d) both band c

2 Which language did he give attention to- 

(a) native language  (b) foreign language

(c) mother tongue  (d) Englihs language

  1. He got mastery in.’ 

(a) Greek  (b) English  (c) native  (d) Latin


  1. Which language couJd he understand better than speak? 

(a) Latin  (b) Greek  (c) English  (d) Hebrew

Choose the correct one word for each of the following group words. 

  1. One who sells things for his company. 

(a) agency  (b) agent  (c) contractor  (d) contract


  1. One who neither supports nor opposes.

(a) different  , (b) impartial  (c) partial  (d) in between


  1. The noun form of”Hesitate’ is

(a) hesitating  : (b) hesitation  (c) hesitant  (d) hesitator,


Choose correct preposition to fill in each blank: 


  1. I don’t agree your proposal.

(a) to  (b) with  (c) for  (d) of


  1. There is a bridge the river.

(a) on  (b) in  (c) across  (d) along


  1. The opposite of sharp is .

(a) rough  (b) smooth  (c) blunt  (d) acute


Choose correct word for each blank to make a meaningful sentence: 

  1. Quinine …………•….. sour.

(a) test  (b) tastes  (c) testing  (d) tasting


  1. The manager the efficient workers. (rewards / awards)

( a) rewards  (b) awards  (c) prize  (d) trophy


Choose the words similar in meaning: 


  1. Excite

(a) reduce  (b) lessen  (c) provoke  (d) enlarge


  1. Copy’

(a) resemble  (b) imitation  (c) picture  (d) portrait


  1. Weak
  • feeble (b) strong  (c) sick  (d) unwell


Only one part of each of the following sentences has an error. Choose it : 


  1. One of my friend / decided to / leave for the U.S.A.

a  b  c

  1. I know the place / where was / he born.

a  b  c


  1. The committee / were divided / in its opinion.

a  ‘ b  -. c  • ,’.


Choose the wrongly spelt word:  


19, {a) efficiency  (b) gardon  (c) favourite  (d) programme


20, (a) athlet ‘  (b) athlete  (c) category -. (d) response


Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in each blank:


  1. It is two years ” .. ,.”””.,, ….. him. “

(a) since I saw  (b) since I am seeing

(c) since I have seen  (d) since I did not see him.

Direction: Pick up the correct indirect narration : 

  1. “Please don’t go away”, She said.

(a) She said to please her and not go a.vay,

(b) She told me to goaway.

(c) She begged me not to go away

(d) She begged that I not go away.


  1. He said, “it use-d to be a lovely, quiet street.”

(a) He said thai ‘it used to be a lovely, quiet street.

(b) He pointed out that it had used to be a lovely, quietstreet,

(c )I-Ie. said that there used to be a lovely, quiet street,

(d) He inquired whether there was a lovely, quiet street.

Direction : Pick up the correct Voice narration ” 

24, You are’ requested to permit him,

(a) Please permit him,

(b) I request you to permit me.

(c) He requests to permit him.

(d) I plead you to permit him.


  1. Will those happy days be ever forgotten by me?

(a) WillI everforget those happy days?

(b) Shall I ever forgot these happy days?

,(c) ,Would I forget these happy days?

(d) Ever shall I forget those happy .days ?,


Answer : 1.d, 2.b, 3.d, 4.b, 5.b, 6.b, 7.b, 8.a, 9.c, 10.c, 11.b, 12.a, 13.c, 14.b, 15.a, 16.a, 17.b, 18.c, 19.b, 20.a, 21.a, 22.c, 23.a, 24.a,25.a,


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